by Libby on February 25, 2008

4 months of blog posts gone.

Perhaps you noticed that the clock here on my blog has gone back in time to October 2007. Last week, my web host migrated my account (and umpteen others) to new server hardware. Our server (prophetically called “Lucky”) had been a bit unreliable. Several days of complete website downtime later, they got us back up with a twist, the backup they restored us with was from October. So “poof” 4 months of my writing gone. A hard lesson in backing up my work has been learned.

The photo gallery on my website also appears to be a casualty of the server migration. I had been running an earlier version of the Gallery software and I suspect I’ll have to upgrade to Gallery 2 and reload my photos. Since I am not a techie, that’s a job for my intrepid web mistress Jenn Dorion. It will probably take some time as Jenn has a day job as well as web responsibilities for a variety of other sites.

In the mean time, while I am nostalgic about having lost a big chunk of writing, I am moving forward.

My thoughts about the amazing Synergy conference later.

edited to add:  The RSS feed may have been messed up by all the hullabaloo with the servers.  Google reader can’t seem to find me at the moment.  If you subscribe through a blog reader service, you might want to delete the feed and resubscribe.  If you had no trouble receiving this post through your reader, ignore this service message.

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Kathi February 25, 2008 at 4:37 pm

well that stinks on the *poof* I was wondering why when I clicked on the link from my site it took me back down memory lane.

I got notice from my feed reader….which happens to be my email so thats still working.