Not the week I expected

I was supposed to be away this week, traveling with some friends. Unfortunately I got sick and had to stay home. Nothing terribly serious, but enough that I wanted the comforts of home. It has been a disappointing week feeling blah and filled with the drudgery of household stuff. At the beginning of the week I tried really hard to wallow in my disappointment. I was the Queen of Feeling Sorry For Myself. You know what? It’s hard to keep that up. Especially since in the overall scheme of things, I have nothing to complain about. Reading the news this week is a daily reminder that I should be profoundly grateful for what I have, instead of sitting around being Whining Woman.

So, I admit I have wasted an embarrassing amount of time on self indulgent negative thoughts, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of creative time as well. Polymer clay creative fun no less! Today, I’ve canceled a lunch date with my sister so I could get back into the studio. She understands. She canceled on me last time so that she could go paint. Wouldn’t it be great if we could coordinate our creative impulses? (I’m not sure that’s possible)

For now I’m cutting this off here so that I don’t get sucked into more internet induced inertia. I’ll be back with photos.

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