Look out tomorrow! And some answers…

Look out for tomorrow’s Studio Snapshot! It’s an amazing space for a wonderful artist and she sent me tons of pictures. I want to move in.

And a couple of answers from the comments:

Dee, I am NOT going to Bead & Button this year. Unfortunately, the show is the same week as E’s graduation from high school. I thought about going late in the week, but I finally decided it wouldn’t be worth it. Hopefully I will be there next year.

Lunes, We are lucky to have so many workshops here in the United States. Seth Savarick’s recent Craftcast Master Class was held via a telephone or internet connection so technically it was available to anyone anywhere. Time differences make that tricky though if you are not a “night owl”.

Thanks everyone who comments here.  I really like to hear your thoughts.  I’m sorry that I am not great at answering every comment.  I read them all, but as you know if you read here regularly, I can get caught up in other things and forget to write responses.

Posts may be a bit scarce this week due to E’s graduation, but I will try to at least sneak in something on the Donna Kato workshop I attended this weekend. It was a lot of fun, a true Carnival of Color!

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  1. I’m sorry you won’t make it to Bead and Button. I always look forward to your posts on the show. Your descriptions of classes and artists from the show are among my favorites. I’ve never been to it, but feel as if I have thanks to you. Maybe some one of these years.

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