Studio Snapshot – Amy Crawley

Artist name: Amy Crawley


Location: Massachusetts

Website: Moonroom Crafts

Blog if you have one: Moonroom Muse

Any other web link you’d like to share: Bolton Artisan Guild This is the local art guild I belong to.

Do you have a dedicated studio/artistic space? Yes


Where is it located? A finished attic (4th floor of the house)

Is it a large or small space? It is a large space, about 1200 sq. ft. The main studio area is approximately 28’ x 35’. The “finishing” room is approximately 12’ x 14’


What medium(s) do you work in? Do you have a separate area for each? I consider myself a mixed media artist working primarily with polymer clay. I have three work tables; one for the polymer clay, one for assembling and holding in-process work, and one for paper/collage/painting, etc. I have a separate finishing room where I have my oven, a sink, cabinets, my buffing wheel, shipping supplies, and my photo cube.





What one word would you use to describe your studio? Roomy


What do you think is the best feature of your studio? It is a dedicated area solely for the creation of my art. It also has five windows.


What would you change if you could? Probably nothing; perhaps the lighting. We put in recessed lights and sometimes it isn’t quite enough. I’d like to get new curtains and paint the walls. And I’m still thinking about removing the closet doors.

Can you share an organizational tip? Have as much storage as possible.

I have several rolling carts (wheels removed) with multiple drawers that are great. A friend built a wall display for my rubber stamps. White boards are great for keeping track of orders, due dates, deadlines, etc. Bookcases are essential.


Describe the usual state of your work table? In the past it would be quite cluttered with whatever I was working on at the time. Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of clearing the work space at the end of the day. This makes it easier to get started the next day. When the studio gets too cluttered my creative muse starts to shut down and the energy drops. Clear studio equals better energy flow for me. (Note: I did not say “neat” just “clear.”)



Does your work table face out into the room or toward the wall? Two work tables are perpendicular to the back wall with the short ends facing the windows so they both face into the room. I can look out the window or at a wall from either table. The third table sits in the middle of the room. I can walk around all three tables. It’s that space thing again; it keeps the energy flowing.


What’s one drawback of your studio/artistic space? I don’t feel there are any drawbacks. It is my refuge.

Do you have any studio mascots? Yep, Pippin (in the chair) and Woody are frequent visitors. They are also my Q&A department.



Do you have an idea wall or inspiration board? I have a bulletin board that has postcards and such on it. I also have several sketchbooks with pictures and ideas in them.


Do you listen to music in your studio? What kind? Yes; iTunes plays almost continuously in the studio. I have two play-lists; one has a mash-up of music from classical to rock to world tunes. The other play-list is all instrumental; new age, classical, ethereal tunes. What I listen to all depends on my mood, the time of day and what I’m working on.

Do you display your own work in your studio? Other artists’ work? Yes and yes. I have one wall, a window seat area, and a small cabinet for my work and pieces I’ve collected from other artists. I also have several pieces hanging in the studio, including work I did in high school and other artists as well.



What’s one quirk or unusual feature of your studio? I have a dedicated sacred space in my studio. This is where I meditate and write in my journal.


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  1. Great interview and photos, Libby. I’ve had the honor of visiting and working in Amy’s studio and it is absolutely amazing. I’m was thrilled to see her in your Studio Snapshot. I’m enjoying your interviews immensely!

    Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation!

  2. Thanks Karen! Amy took the wonderful photos. She sent me a lot, but the pictures were so good and the space is big, so I used them all.

  3. Hi Libby,

    Thanks for featuring my studio as part of your studio snapshot series. It is so interesting to see where we create our art and what gets the muse going. This is great feature and I’m honored to be a part of it.

    It was great to see you at the Northampton show and to meet your daughter. Send her my congratuations on graduation.



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