Studio Snapshot – Kimberly Hodes

Artist name: Kimberly Hodes


Location:  North Carolina

Website: Hodes Design

Do you have a dedicated studio/artistic space? Yes, but I do work all over the house.

Where is it located? 1st floor of my town home.


Is it a large or small space? Just right, about 150 sq. feet.

What medium do you work in? Polymer clay

What one word would you use to describe your studio? Organized

What do you think is the best feature of your studio? I love the wall unit/desk. I had California Closets come in and build it to my specs. It allows me to have a space for everything. I also have a great view of the woods in the back. There are deer and all types of birds, it’s very relaxing.

What would you change if you could?
Right now there is a carpet, but I would much prefer a hardwood floor. Polymer and carpet don’t get along very well.

Can you share an organizational tip? I like storage containers. I have them for everything. All of mine are labeled and when I need something, I just grab the right box and get it. When a particular box of items gets too full, I subcategorize and get another box. The trick is to go through all my supplies at least once a year. That way I can give away the things that are no longer useful to me. I try to only keep what I use.


Describe the usual state of your work table?
Messy while I’m working, but I can’t sleep at night unless it’s cleaned up. (Yes, I’m seeing a therapist for that. LOL)

Does your work table face out into the room or toward the wall? It’s facing the wall, but there are sliding glass doors just off to the side.


What’s one drawback of your studio/artistic space? It gets really cold in the winter. I have a space heater, but sometimes I just move the work upstairs to the dining room table. That’s where my I’ve been working this week.

Do you have any studio mascots (pets, mannequin whatever)?
Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s 6 ft tall and always ready to fight off intruders!
Do you have an idea wall or inspiration board? No. It would get too cluttered. I go to the park or the museum (free and 3 miles from my house) and that usually gets the ideas flowing.

Do you listen to music in your studio? What kind?
Yes, electronic, dance and trance. That way I can boogie my way through the house when no one’s watching.

Do you display your own work in your studio?
Usually there are a couple of pieces out. When I have customers come by, I set up a table.

What can’t you see in my studio? All of the office supplies, boxes and bulk clay are hidden in the cabinets and drawers.


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  1. Lovely studio….Kimberly can you tell me where you got your blue rolling cart that is in your work table picture?…it looks like it is a very handy cart!…thanks, Melanie:)

  2. I bought the blue cart from Michael’s. It’s from the scrapbook section and folds down completely flat. It’s called the Fiskars-Craft-Crate-Rolling-Organizer. Amazon sells it for about $48.00. I load it up and bring it to classes. It has lots of cool pockets for storage.

  3. I’m a quilter. Our workrooms are notoriously cluttered and messy. Even the tidiest quilter’s workroom can’t hold a candle to yours.
    If I add or switch to polymer clay will that make me neat and tidy?

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