Such A Generous Community

The Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild Retreat, Clay ConneCTion 2008 is coming up very soon, July 25-27. We’re pulling together last minute details and finishing up plans. We’ll have over 75 polymer clay artists generating quite a bit of creative energy at our new venue, Connecticut College. It’s exciting, and as Promotions Coordinator (that means I’m collecting for the raffle, my mailbox has been bringing me wonderful surprises nearly every day.

The polymer clay community is such a generous group. We’ve got donations from artists all over the country including: Meisha Barbee, Martha Aleo, Klew, Kathleen Dustin, Jana Roberts Benzon, Amy Crawley, Judy Dunn, Louise Fisher Cozzi, Marla Frankenberg, Diane Villano, Seana Bettancourt, Debbie Anderson, Lynne Schwarzenberg and Tommie Howell with more to come in the next two weeks and at the retreat as well. It is going to be an amazing raffle.

I am humbled by how many artists responded quickly and positively when we sent out emails seeking donations. I know how frustrating it is that the law only allows an artist to count the value of the raw materials when making a donation rather than the fair market value of the work. Personally, I have let far too many of these types of requests molder in my email inbox, and ultimately slip my mind.

It’s harder to get donations from companies these days. Polyform came through with a donation of their new Studio by Sculpey clay and tools, and AbbaDabba Productions sent 3 dvds and discount coupons for retreat attendees. Polymer Clay Express is always very generous as well. But most of my inquiries went unanswered.  It’s generally a tough time to be a non-profit organization.

That’s why I find the generosity of all these artists so particularly noteworthy. And I wanted to take a minute to say a very public “thank you” to everyone I’ve mentioned as well as those whose items haven’t reached me yet.  And for those of you reading this who are coming to the retreat, put aside some cash for the raffles.

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4 thoughts on “Such A Generous Community”

  1. Libby, did you email me about this? (Certain areas of my mailbox are, sadly, a wasteland of forgotten things…) It’s probably too late for me to get around to mailing anything, but drop me a line if you’d like me to email you a coupon/flyer in pdf format that you can print for goodie bags. Have a great retreat!

  2. Hi Lisa, I just emailed you off blog. It’s definitely not too late. Email me and we’ll work something out. Too bad you aren’t coming to the retreat. Maybe we can coax you to come in 2010!

  3. Libby, It is a wonderful retreat. Only wish I could attend, so much fun and so much to do. As always the PC community is always so generous.

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