Can I take a nap now?

It has been something of a relentless week around here.  I had a stomach bug over the weekend so I started the week behind and dragging.  I have been very low energy all week, so I have accomplished next to nothing.  You know the kind of week when short bursts of errands take twice as long as usual, and you feel completely sapped afterward?

It didn’t help that I got the results of my submissions to the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Annual online exhibit, Progress & Possibilities.  None of my pieces were accepted as finalists.  I am disappointed, but I am okay with it too.  I would be more frustrated right now if I hadn’t even submitted anything.  I am happy with the direction my work is going.  And I appreciate that the Art Jewelry category is the most competitive category.  Still, the news didn’t help my overall malaise.

Wednesday was metals class at the Guilford Art Center with Lanette Barber.  In keeping with the tenor of the week, the soldering gods weren’t with me.  I managed to get one piece out of four soldered.  I’ll have to redo the rest next week.  Fortunately, Lanette spent a lot of time going over various techniques for stone setting, so it wasn’t a completely wasted morning.

Tonight I am enjoying the slow pace of Halloween in our neighborhood.  We get just enough trick or treaters to make it interesting.  Our old neighborhood was much busier and required a much larger candy purchase.

You know your kids are growing up when their costume choice becomes an excuse to go around wearing pajama pants all day.  M wore pj pants and a comfy shirt, stuck a tiara and her head and declared herself Sleeping Beauty.

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4 thoughts on “Can I take a nap now?”

  1. I hope you’re feeling a bit better today – I also didn’t make it among the (ten!) finalists this year. It was my third time trying but this year I hoped for at least being among these ten, but no way…..I’m a bit dissappointed as well, but I’m getting used to it.
    So lets lick our wounds together;)
    I send you a big hug and I wish you a great weekend


  2. I agree with you, in that if you hadn’t entered – that would have been even more disappointing. Your work is wonderful and it continues to evolve. I enjoy reading about your insights into your working process and your unique sensitivity to the process of problem solving (along with your aesthetic).

    Although I haven’t soldered in years…it is somewhat akin to learning how to swim, in that once you “get” it, it becomes a life-long skill.

    A big hug to you (and Bettina) – and hope you are feeling better. Lindly

  3. Libby,
    Here’s a (little hug) to help with the disappointment. I really enjoying following your work and can see how you have evolved and master new techniques. I esp. like your new work.

    It is interesting how far polymer clay has come in the last five years. And the progress must be astounding to people who have been around for twenty years. Even though I am not working in polymer clay a lot, every time I take time to check out new work and blogs, I am amazed and inspired. Polymer artists have to be the most experimental and artsy bunch of all artists.

  4. Honey, take the nap and well deserved! I’m too cowardly to enter this competition,so you’re way ahead of me. Personally, I think your work is ahead of the curve, so you just have to chalk this one up to the whims of fate. Rest, relax, in the knowledge that your work is good—really, really good!

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