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Thanks to Gerri Newfry for the link to this blog post by Alicia Tormey on the subject of creative motivation. It’s a fantastic post full of ideas I really need to take to heart.  It seems so obvious and yet, I have never really thought about the difference between inspiration and motivation.  While inspiration flows through me in varying waves, my basic struggle lies in a failure to motivate myself.

At some instinctive level, I know this.  I may have mentioned here that when I don’t feel particularly creative, I can jump start myself by going down into the studio and cleaning up a portion of the perpetual mess.  The act of tidying up my supplies connects me to them, and next thing I know I find myself sitting at my worktable or bench.

And I love Alicia’s idea of a creative power outfit!  Clothes have a power we don’t always recognize.  I know a really great outfit can boost my confidence and energy.  Now that I think about it, I realize that I have sloppy fall-out-of-bed-pajama type outfits that sap my energy.  It’s something I need to think about more.

Thanks for the proverbial whack on the head Gerri and Alicia!  Now if only I didn’t have to spend the day cleaning and cooking and generally preparing for the great family feast Thursday.

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2 thoughts on “Great post about motivation”

  1. Hey Libby- we are alike in the cleaning studio thing. That always works for me because I just want to get to it once I’ve put my hands on those materials, etc.
    About the power of clothes: in my polymer classes I always point out towards the end how everyone is working in the colors they’re wearing. My suggestion is that if you ever want to expand your palette, wear colors you don’t normally wear and then work with polymer clay! It works every time! There is something about wearing the colors that seeps into your unconcious mind and gets you comfortable with them. So there you go, more about the power of clothes.
    GREAT blog! I love your blog and have for quite awhile now.

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