Beading Gremlins

I have some kind of beading curse or beading gremlins.  Beading projects, especially bracelets,  generally don’t go smoothly for me.  When I did more bead stringing, I could never string a bracelet in one try.  For one reason or another, despite semi-careful measuring and planning, it always seemed to take me three tries (or more) to get things right.

Recently I pulled out a freeform peyote bracelet I had started back in December of 2007.  This bracelet is in shades of black, and I know I will be able to wear it often.  The project was nearly complete when I added a row of dagger beads at one point on an edge that really looked off.  Unfortunately after I added the offending beads I had continued along and added a variety of other beads in surrounding areas.  I have never been a big fan of ripping out, so I just put the bracelet aside. Occasionally I’d glance at the tray it was on, but it sat there unfinished for more than a year.   A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try to work back and remove the dagger beads.  It was easier than I expected.

I should have expected the beading gremlins wouldn’t let me off so easily.

So, I worked along adding a few beads along the edge, reinforcing a few areas until it looked basically complete.  I thought to myself, “this is a piece of cake, I’ll be able to finish this quickly”.  Then I hit  the closure.  I prefer to use two buttons on one edge and make peyote loops on the other.  I made one loop and them discovered I didn’t have any buttons that were the right size.  (Let’s just ignore the fact that I could have very easily made some buttons out of polymer clay, or even silver.)

Instead of just waiting to buy (or make) buttons that would fit, I ripped out the loop I had made and started to attach a longish magnetic slide clasp.  I had it attached at two points before I really looked at it.  The clasp was just a bit too small for the width of the bracelet.  It would make the edges curl.  More ripping out and cutting of threads.

A couple of days ago, I stopped at Joann’s and picked a few buttons.  Yesterday afternoon I examined my new choices and picked out a pair of simple small matte silver buttons.  I quickly sewed them on.  I held the bracelet up to my wrist and admitted that it really needs to be a bit longer before I add the peyote loops.  I began brick stitching a few rows of beads on the other end, and then I noticed that I sewed the buttons on to the wrong side of the bracelet.



Third time’s the charm, right?

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4 thoughts on “Beading Gremlins”

  1. wow, that sounds like my life sometimes 🙂 It is drop dead gorgeous and will be a joy to wear when it is finished. Third time IS a charm!

  2. OMG! Just reading that made my heart race. I used to love to bead…a couple years worth…but those same gremlins were always around. Plus I found it was such a costly little habit since I have several great bead shops around and my teeny, tiny bags I would walk out with could easily cost $80-100!! I could never leave those treasures in the store. I’m so glad I found polymer clay although I must admit there are days I wish I could find something new to buy!!!!
    Your bracelet will be beautiful when it’s finished and so fun to wear! It’ll be worth all the drama! 🙂

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