Quick silver cored beads

Here’s a great find from Metal Clay Findings:  silver bead cores, with or without threads, sized perfectly for the very popular “Pandora” bracelets.


My daughter and most of her friends have these popular new take on charm bracelets.  The bead cores fit perfectly on the bracelet and they are super quick and easy to cover with polymer clay.  I could do a classic tube rivet on my own, but frankly these cores are easier to use and the threads make them stay on the bracelet like the real thing.

I didn’t want the beads I made to have too big a profile so these beads are approximately equivalent to 2 layers at a number 4 thickness on an Atlas pasta machine.  The bead on the left, which makes me think of funky tie dye, was done with the wonky ends from a recent cane.

6/1/09:  edited to add a photo of several of the beads on M’s bracelet:


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12 thoughts on “Quick silver cored beads”

  1. Libby, these beads are so cool! There is an Etsy seller, MegaBeadStore, who sells some sterling silver grommets for Pandora. I have had them marked as a favorite for a while now…been thinking about trying them with polymer clay. They are different from what you’ve used, but a heck of a lot cheaper. Wonder if they’d work as well??

  2. Nice assortment. I like how the silver ends give it a finished look too. Great to see you posting again, and get a look at what you’re working on 🙂 I’m starting to come out of my own winter hibernation.


  3. Doreen, the grommets on Etsy look like an interesting and affordable option. I’d still have to say that I prefer the cores from Metal Clay findings because they are one piece, anchored at both sides of the bead, so there’s no worrying about having them come loose . Also the threads make them very secure on the Pandora brand bracelets. It’s worth noting however that the threaded cores do not fit on all the other similar style bracelets.

  4. Great find once again, Libby! You are always so generous with your discoveries! And your beads are perfect.

  5. Very, very cool. Love the colors and designs. “Wonky end of a cane” bead happens to be my favorite, of course. *grin*

  6. Beautiful work, Libby! So wonderful to see your newest creative endeavors.

    And many thanks for the links for the Pandora-style silver cores. I’m currently torture-testing a set I made, and they’re holding up great

  7. Libby, It was great to see you again. Hopefully it will not be a long time before I see you again. Have fun on your new trip. I’m jealous, but at the same time am happy to be home.

    Helen Hughes

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