Synergy2 – Day 1 Wrap-up

It has been a long and exciting day.  Tonight’s presentation by Steven Ford and David Forlano was really great.  They shared very candidly about their 22 year collaboration, how it came about and about how it has evolved over time.  They spoke in a very informal back and forth style which seemed to mirror their working relationship.

While they were speaking a pair of large screens showed slides of much of their newer work both in polymer clay and the print paintings they’ve been doing recently.  It was fascinating too see how their distinctive point of view informs both types of work.

It was interesting to hear them speak about how for them polymer clay is just a tool or element of the work.  I feel like a lot of polymer clay artists (myself included) can get too caught up in the material to the point where the material becomes as important or more important than the concept of a given piece.  There are so many techniques to explore, and often the process of working the clay becomes the main focus.  It was helpful for me to be reminded that the focus of my work should be more about the point of view I want to express.  (of course finding that point of view can be pretty tough)

Shaking up my way of thinking  is one of the many important lessons of the Synergy conferences.  It’s about much more than the latest technique and I find the experience here so enriching.

On a lighter note, Charm City Cakes made a fantastic cake with many individual elements based on jewelry examples the conference planners showed them.  I only have one mediocre photo of the cake.  Hopefully Cynthia will have some better shots to share with you.

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