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I’m working on a resource list for my Guest Artist visit to the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild this weekend.  I’m giving two demos:  Scribble Beads and  Combining Metal & Polymer Clay.  After compiling a list of online sources for various tools, supplies and reference books, I was trying to think if there was any other really useful resource, and I remembered the iMakeJewelry iphone app by Victoria Lansford.

Clearly this is designed for a very narrow market, but if you make jewelry and you have an iphone or an ipod touch, then it’s a really great tool.  Among other things the application has:

  • up to date metals prices
  • reference info on a variety of metals & stones
  • calculators for ring blank lengths, sheet & wire weights etc.
  • tables with B & S gauge info & corresponding drill bit size
  • conversion calculators for area, distance, mass, temperature & volume
  • and a bonus tips & hints section

It’s a really handy app!

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