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I’ve been having a lot of fun creating Flickr Galleries.  I think they have a lot of potential as sources of inspiration for designs, textures, color schemes and patterns.  Check out the ones I have made so far:

Color Inspiration



Tendrils & Spirals


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9 thoughts on “Flickr Galleries”

  1. Wow Libby, what a great collection of images! I especially love the Color Inspiration gallery. Will check back often to ponder possibilities.

  2. Wonderfully inspiring galleries, Libby! Thanks for sharing that info, I never knew about making a gallery on flickr. I just created some of my own!


    1. Thank you Libby!

      I have had a ball researching the posts. You HAVE to see Tuesday’s post…it is a hoot. I should have saved it for tax day. We could all use a chuckle that day!!!

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