Color, texture and shape captivate me. I enjoy exploring the contrast between textured and smooth, pattern and plain surface. Working in polymer clay allows me to play with these concepts.Adding elements in silver, copper and beadwork has opened up further avenues of exploration. Virtually all my pieces are one of a kind. Making a single set of beads is about as far as I can go before I get pulled into a new design, a new path of discovery.

Although my formal education was in East Asian Studies and Business, I grew up taking as many art courses as I could every summer, studying calligraphy, silkscreen, batik and ceramics to name a few. Always on the search for the medium which felt right, I began focusing primarily on polymer clay in 2001. The feel of the clay, the variety of possible techniques and the sheer fun I am having has only grown since then.

I live in Glastonbury, Connecticut with my wonderful family who supports me on this creative journey. Pursuing continued advancement of my art, I have taken workshops in Polymer Clay, Beadweaving, Precious Metal Clay and Metalsmithing. I have been fortunate to study under many artists including Pier Voulkos, Kathleen Dustin, Jeff Devers, Celie Fago, Dan Cormier, Judy Kuskin and Lanette Barber. I occasionally teach workshops in Polymer Clay through the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild and area bead stores.

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