Beading Gremlins

I have some kind of beading curse or beading gremlins.  Beading projects, especially bracelets,  generally don’t go smoothly for me.  When I did more bead stringing, I could never string a bracelet in one try.  For one reason or another, despite semi-careful measuring and planning, it always seemed to take me three tries (or more) to get things right.

Recently I pulled out a freeform peyote bracelet I had started back in December of 2007.  This bracelet is in shades of black, and I know I will be able to wear it often.  The project was nearly complete when I added a row of dagger beads at one point on an edge that really looked off.  Unfortunately after I added the offending beads I had continued along and added a variety of other beads in surrounding areas.  I have never been a big fan of ripping out, so I just put the bracelet aside. Occasionally I’d glance at the tray it was on, but it sat there unfinished for more than a year.   A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try to work back and remove the dagger beads.  It was easier than I expected.

I should have expected the beading gremlins wouldn’t let me off so easily.

So, I worked along adding a few beads along the edge, reinforcing a few areas until it looked basically complete.  I thought to myself, “this is a piece of cake, I’ll be able to finish this quickly”.  Then I hit  the closure.  I prefer to use two buttons on one edge and make peyote loops on the other.  I made one loop and them discovered I didn’t have any buttons that were the right size.  (Let’s just ignore the fact that I could have very easily made some buttons out of polymer clay, or even silver.)

Instead of just waiting to buy (or make) buttons that would fit, I ripped out the loop I had made and started to attach a longish magnetic slide clasp.  I had it attached at two points before I really looked at it.  The clasp was just a bit too small for the width of the bracelet.  It would make the edges curl.  More ripping out and cutting of threads.

A couple of days ago, I stopped at Joann’s and picked a few buttons.  Yesterday afternoon I examined my new choices and picked out a pair of simple small matte silver buttons.  I quickly sewed them on.  I held the bracelet up to my wrist and admitted that it really needs to be a bit longer before I add the peyote loops.  I began brick stitching a few rows of beads on the other end, and then I noticed that I sewed the buttons on to the wrong side of the bracelet.



Third time’s the charm, right?


Class bracelets

Last weekend I taught a Cane Slice Caterpillar Bracelet class at the So. CT Polymer Clay Guild’s annual Weekend of Clay. It’s not a difficult project, just a bit time consuming. We were working primarily in black and white so it was a bit tricky seeing the black thread against the black beads. Everyone did a great job and there was a lot of variety, even though the seed beads we all used were the same.

Here are the 4 bracelets that were finished at the class:


Clockwise from the top left: Christy, Sue, Cynthia & Michelle Aren’t they great?!! I love the variety. Christy’s flowers are really fun (and a teensy bit dangerous).

Blog woes appear to be continuing. All the restored posts I entered yesterday ended up in my Google Reader, but the new post yesterday never showed up. The post number probably has it indexed some time in October or some such thing. And the thumbnail function on WordPress appears to be gone too. grrr

I am off to a guild meeting later this morning which means I need to finish a couple of last minute things: earrings (I promised them to someone), photos etc. I wonder what will happen to this post?

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