Listening to Lindly

6 years ago or so, I was in one of Lindly Haunani’s polymer clay workshops, Textile Inspirations, when she looked at the samples I was working on, and said “Your really need to add some darks or lights to make this sing.”  I’ve taken several other classes from her since then, and she reminds me of her advice almost every time.  Left to my own devices, I tend to choose colors of mostly similar values.

Yesterday (and continuing on today), I took Lindly’s advice to heart and added some lights and darks when the colors I was using in my latest ripple blade polymer clay canes were a bit too similar in value.

Yes, I’m still playing with ripple blade canes.  I can’t stop!

So… yesterday, I made a giant rainbow skinner blend, and then divided it into a blue green blend and a purple orange blend.  Then I took a portion of each blend and added white and pearl.  I made a striped stack of each, along with a solid color.  For the purple orange blend I used a stripe of Premo 18K gold:

Polymer clay blended sheets and canes - purple to gold

In the photo, you can see the two versions of the blend, the striped stack and resulting ripple dot pattern.  It’s pretty, but the color values are all pretty similar in the end result.  So I used the rest of this blend and added a stripe of a very pale yellow and a dark plum.

Polymer clay canes from blended stack layers with highlights

The addition of the light and dark colors (especially the light) really woke this blend up!  In the photo above you can also see the different patterns you can get by slicing with a traditional ripple blade (bottom row) and then by slicing with the tiny ridged blade sold in the Polyform Super Slicer pack (top row).

Here are the blue green blend canes.  The first photo shows the green blue blend with a dark teal stripe added.  The result reminds me a bit of William Morris wallpaper colors.

Polymer clay blended sheet in blues and greens

The top row shows slices made with the larger traditional ripple blade and the bottom row pattern was made using the tiny ridged blade.

For more contrast, in the second blue green blend stack, I added the same color stripes I used in the purple to orange canes.  (I did lighten the plum color a bit.)

It’s a totally different feel, isn’t it?



Drive by color

I finished 2 more color collages on Sunday.



They are quite addictive. If we weren’t heading out on vacation, I think I’d keep making them. They’ve brightened up the walls of my studio quite a bit. I did try to mix some new colors last night, but I got a phone call from a friend so I didn’t get very far. Life just has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I’m looking forward to a week of family adventure. A break from the computer will be good for me too. I’ve got another Studio Snapshot set to post on Monday (I love the future publish feature on WordPress!), but otherwise you won’t be hearing from me. Have a lovely week everyone.


Colorful and productive weekend

I got a lot accomplished this weekend.  I moved the 3 bookcases from the back wall of my studio out into the hallway section.  This will free up some wall space in the studio and allow me to move my soldering station over closer to the fire extinguisher.  And I’ll have room for the rolling mill I got!  The far end of my studio will be all metalwork now.  I am hoping the new arrangements works.  I think you need to be able to rearrange your studio periodically as your needs (and tools) change.

Moving the bookcases forced me to weed through my many craft books and pull out a big pile that I can give away.  Kids craft books, home decorating books and simple quilting books are going to be donated to our local library spring book sale.  I also sorted through piles of sketches, notes and other paperwork.

In the course of sorting through the piles of paper, I happened upon my stash of magazine clippings.  So my creative reward for myself was making a few color collages like the one I made in the Lindly Haunani color class last November.  They’re addictive.  If I can find some time, I’d like to make a couple more.




Things are going to be pretty quiet here on the Libzoid blog for the next couple of weeks.  I’ve got a new Studio Snapshot set for tomorrow, but after that I need to turn my focus to getting ready for a family vacation next week.

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