From Vegas, day 2

It’s day two of the Clay Carnival and I am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee in the concierge lounge of our hotel. A peaceful start to the day.

Yesterday was fun! I had a class with Judy Belcher in the morning on making name canes and general approached to signing your work. I made a “LiBZ” cane which I love. Given how small I’ll eventually reduce it, I should have enough for years to come even though the cane seems pretty small now.

There are slot of people at the event who have attended many times before. It’s a different set up than other conferences I have been to. Here everyone is divided up into four groups. Everyone takes all the classes. You set up your workspace in your assigned room and the teachers rotate around the rooms.

I have to admit to skipping the afternoon workshop. The allure of the spa here at The Venetian was too great.

This morning’s class is a clever folding box project with Sue Kelsey and this afternoon is organic shapes with Kim Cavender.


A test before my trip

I am headed out to Las Vegas tomorrow for the Clay Carnival. I am pretty excited, I’ve never been to Las Vegas before. And I am expecting four days of fun no pressure classes with a line up of great instructors, several of whom are good friends.

Since I don’t feel like dragging my laptop across the country this trip, I’ve downloaded the WordPress iPhone app so that I can post from the road. I’m writing this post on my phone as a test. If you’re reading this then you know I’ve been successful.

The schedule is pretty packed, so I’m not promising I’ll post, but at least with this new app I’ll be able to blog if the mood hits me.

Off to start packing now!


No place like home

Despite the giant pile of laundry, it feels so wonderful to be home. Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting away, but after awhile I start to crave the comforts of home. We had a great vacation, starting in Utah at Bryce Canyon, then on to the Grand Canyon and ending in Albuquerque. The scenery was spectacular. The colors and textures are completely different from New England.


A week away from the computer (and for a few days the TV) and the demands of everyday life has me raring to get back into the studio. It’s not that I am full of new ideas inspired by our trip. (I do have a few) It’s more a feeling of having rested my brain. Now I want use it.

Thanks for the comments in my absence. I’m glad people are enjoying the Studio Snapshots. There will be a new one tomorrow. For now, I am back to laundry.

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